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How to Submit Cartoons to the New Yorker

Submit cartoons to New Yorker

Here is what you have to do if you want to submit cartoons to the New Yorker. These are all the steps you'll need to go through as part of the submission process.

Learn how to submit cartoons to the New Yorker.

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How to Write Jokes for Cartoons

How to write jokes

In the article, I go over a few specific comedy writing techniques that I use to generate ideas. These are concrete ways to brainstorm concepts for jokes.

Check out how to write jokes with these 3 easy methods.

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Where do Ideas Come From?

Where do ideas come from?

How do you get your ideas? This is the question that all artists dread. Where does creativity come from? It's a question that causes them to fumble about for an answer.

So let's get into it and try to figure out where ideas come from.

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Escape Grill Cheese Thinking

Lateral thinking

In order to be more creative, you need to escape linear thinking patterns and explore more lateral ways of thinking. You need to engage in more creative and prodcutive thought processes.

Learn to escape grill cheese thinking.

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Random Word Brainstorming Tool

Random Word Brainstormer

Use the random word brainstorming tool to get your creative engine started. This tool uses over 8,000 words carefully selected to inspire you. Great for brainstorming by yourself.

Learn to Random Word Brainstormer.

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