About Scott Hot

Hey folks,

I'm Scott and this is my website. I'm a Canadian writer/illustrator based out of Montreal.

This here website is mainly about my books and cartoons supplemented by the infrequent blog post about creativity, publishing, or whatnot.

You can follow me on instagram or twitter - if you're into that kind of thing. Follow me if you want to read a collection of funny cartoons with the occasional burst of shameless self-promotion.

You can find my illustrated books on Amazon - such as The Evil Clown Alphabet, The Story of Donald Thumb and, the just released, Amazing Tales of Space America.

You can get digital versions of these books on this website.

So that's about it. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Be great, Scott

Cartoon of a circus ringmaster talking to a clown at a bar: Have you ever thought about running away and joining a corporation?