Comic Books

Here are a couple of free previews for graphic novels that I've published or that I'm currently working on.

Amazing Tales of Space America

For my latest book, which should be out very soon, I took a science fiction comic book from 1952 and completely rewrote it as a dark comedy. Check out the preview.

The Worst Handshake

I think my next book will be a series of short biographical stories from my childhood kind of like this one. Read the Story of the Worst Handshake.

I also adapted it as a short film on Youtube.

Illustrated Picture Books

These are like your classic kind of children's storybooks but primarily geared towards adults with disposable income and a twisted view of the world.

The Story of Donald Thumb

The story for this 40 page book came to me in a dream. It's an illustrated parable about a greedy little child who wants everything when he grows up. Check out the Donald Thumb book.

The Evil Clown Alphabet

This was my first book and it's extremely straightforward. It's basically a collection of 26 evil clown illustrations - each one representing a letter of the alphabet. Check out the Evil Clown book.

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