Hey stranger, I'm Scott Hot.
I make fun websites and picture books.

My latest thing is the AI Fortune Teller. The thing before that was the Space America graphic novel.

You can read the vaguely interesting FAQ about me or attempt to contact me.

I'm also occasionally on Instagram.

FAQ by and about Scott Hot

A list of questions that you might have on your mind about the strange activities going on at the Scott Hot idea factory.

General Stuff

Q. Why make websites and picture books?

It really doesn't make any logical sense but these are things I really like to do so I do them.

Q. Do these things make you money?

Not oodles of moolah but I generally break even.

Press Stuff

Q. Can I interview you to talk about your latest project?

I'm not into on camera interviews but if you have questions feel free to pass them my way. Grab my attention on social media or use the contact form and we'll figure it out from there.

Business Stuff

Q. Can I contact you about a website or app I want to you work on?


Q. But what if it's a sure-fire million dollar idea?

The answer is still no. I'm not doing any freelance consulting work at present so all business inquiries will go unanswered.

Misc. Stuff

Q. What kind of websites do you like to make?

I think of the websites I make as having a triad of possible characteristics: utility, art, and entertainment. I try to emphasize at least two of these qualities.

Q. What kind of books do you like to make?

I like to make things with a slightly twisted sense of humor and some overall heart to them.

Q. What are you thankful for?

You! Thanks for stopping by and reading this whole thing.

I hope you have a great day, Scott.