Hey stranger, I'm Scott Hot.
I make fun websites and picture books.

My latest thing is the AI Fortune Teller. The thing before that was the Space America graphic novel.

You can read the vaguely interesting FAQ about me or attempt to contact me.

I'm also occasionally on Instagram.

Picture Books by Scott Hot

Some picture books I wrote and illustrated and, one graphic novel comic book type-thing that I wrote but didn't illustrate. These are all the Scott Hot books so far.

Space America
A public domain comic from 1952 that I rewrote as a dark comedy. I've had folks tell me it's very funny and I tend to believe them.
Check it out at Amazon.com | .ca | .uk

The Story of Donald Thumb
A picture book about a greedy little child who wants everything.
Check it out at Amazon.com | .ca | .uk

Evil Clown Alphabet
A small collection of 26 evil clowns. One for each letter of the alphabet.
Check it out at Amazon.com | .ca | .uk